The best drone 2021: the 12 finest flying cameras from DJI, Parrot and more

Searching for the best drone you can buy right now? You’ve landed in the right spot. We’ve flown and pixel-peeped the results from all of the world’s finest flying cameras to bring you this in-depth guide to the best drones at all price points. (Searching for the best beginner drone? Check out our separate guide on those). Today’s drones come in lots of different flavors, from racing machines to ones that are focused on getting you incredible sky-based video or stills. Our guide below is focused on the latter type, but camera-equipped drones are a pretty varied bunch –so we’ve included options that cover all sizes and price points. One of the best things about today’s drones is that you don’t need flying experience to get great aerial footage. If you’re a complete novice, models like the DJI Air 2S and DJI Mini 2 will help you along with their automated flying modes. As long as you’re aware of the drone laws in your region, you’ll be able to snag some excellent video and stills with very little practice. It’s a great time to invest in a drone, too. Beyond those improvements to their automated flying modes, these flying companions have also considerably leveled-up their gimbal tech, sensors and video transmission in the past few years. All of which makes them a great way to add an extra dimension to your photography or videos.

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